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Major change leader in retail joins o9 Solutions to share their vision with the aim10x community

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DALLAS, TX – November 8, 2021 – o9 Solutions, the leading AI-powered integrated business planning platform, announced a new member to the aim10 executive council, an experienced leader of major change across retail industries.

Steve Bradley has over 30 years’ experience in retail, information technology, supply chain and major change programs. He started his career with Sainsbury in the UK, leading one of the first implementations of an automated replenishment system. He migrated to Australia in 1986 and has been responsible for some of the largest and most successful change programs in Australia, particularly a $1 billion supply chain transformation at Woolworths Australia.

Somewhat uniquely, Steve has at various times led the design, build, implementation and operational functions for major information technology and supply chain transformations and learnt many hard lessons along the way. He has frequently observed that the ‘softer’ side of change, particularly behaviours and relationships, receive less focus and attention than their importance deserves. This has become a personal passion as a key technique to maximise the business outcomes for all change initiatives.

“The aim10x Executive Council has added a massive name to its roster. Steve Bradley, with his huge experience in revolutionizing retail supply chains, is going to bring so much to the table, to inspire and innovate.” said Chakri Gottemukkala, CEO at o9 Solutions and active member of the aim10x Executive Council. “Steve’s career, his passion for sustainability, like all in the Council, and his belief in the bold startup mentality provides us with a perfect mix of experience and willingness to transform. Welcome on board, Steve!”

With direct responsibility for the rehabilitation of Information Technology functions at three times in his career, Steve has advised numerous other organisations on how to improve performance. He understands the value of Information Technology to a business, the difficulties that can occur and some of the techniques that can be used to realise the potential.

Steve finished his executive career as the Chief Logistics and Information Officer for Woolworths in 2007. He wanted to focus on some personal not for profit passions and to consult to the retailing and manufacturing industries. More recently he has become very active with the start up community in Australia as a practical way to make progress on climate change while the political leadership is so absent.

Why did Steve join the Executive Council?

“I have known Sanjiv Sidhu for over 20 years and have always been impressed by the depth and clarity of his vision and his ability to make it a reality. When he started o9 I was keen to know more and saw that yet again he was developing innovative ways to solve the problems of the future. When I saw the calibre of the Executive Council that o9 has assembled I was keen to be a part and contribute where I can.”

About the aim10x Executive Council

The aim10x Executive Council is a network of visionary leaders who have built significant operating experience at some of the world’s largest companies. Together they will set the vision for all aspects of an integrated enterprise—from supply chain to finance, sales, and product development, which will lead to global enterprises that are more efficient, sustainable, and profitable. It is part of the broader ‘aim10x’ initiative sponsored by o9 Solutions, which aims to empower a global community of professionals who are dedicated to digitally transforming planning and decision-making capabilities. The aim10x Executive Council members are sharing their insights about leadership, strategy, change management, and Digital Transformation journeys through the aim10x Webinars, aim10x Podcasts, and aim10x Innovators Network.

For additional information, visit the website of the aim10x Executive Council.

About aim10x

The global community for digital transformation leaders in planning and decision-making.

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