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Founding Members Panel 2021

By aim10x|

We’d like to extend a special thank you to our moderators, Chris Tyas, Filippo Passerini, Bob Masching, Patrick Lemoine, Das Dasgupta, Patrick Murzyn, Stephan de Barse, and Colin Nelson. Their support was instrumental in making this event happen!

We kickstarted the aim10x Innovators Network with the Founding Members Panel 2021. In 75 minutes, we gathered over 120 challenges from over 140 innovators across eight different topics in digital transformation. This allowed us to better identify key questions for the community to tackle together.

Stay connected

There’s no such thing as a fleeting connection in our network. To stay close to our members’ needs, we launched the first edition of the Founding Members Panel on January 28th. And we’d love to share the insights with you here.

The purpose of the event was to provide a live platform for you to get to know other members while exchanging learnings and challenges. We also want to encourage you to invite other members who can help shape the network in the next 6-12months.

More exciting events ahead

More than 140 people attended this event, and we received more than 50 quality aim10x Innovators Network member applications within the first three days! Based on the success of this event, we’ve got a few more coming up soon – make sure you stay tuned.

The results are in…

The polls we ran during the event showed us that most members are eager to learn more about “The Journey to Better: Digital Transformation” (53%), “Transforming Supply Chain Planning” (37%), “People and Process” (33%) and “Human to Machine: Data and Technology” (29%).


Specifically, 58% of the members wanted to dive into the discussions with others through knowledge-sharing sessions with up to 20 participants.


FMP2021 Insights — #1 People & Processes

‘Change management’ and ‘leadership vision setting’ were two of the biggest challenges participants in this breakout session struggled with. This breakout session was moderated by Chris Tyas, former SVP Global Supply Chain at Nestlé.

The discussion started with the questions: ‘How do you get people to try something new?’ and ‘how do you get them to accept the risk that they might be wrong?’ Chris Tyas, a veteran change agent, answered: “One of the things that I spent a lot of time doing was trying to reduce the fear of failure. And in many ways, almost applauding failure, because one of the best soccer managers in the UK said a long time ago that his team learned a lot more from their losses than they did from their wins.”

Creating a sense of belonging

Another question resonated with Chris: ‘How can people gain the sense of collective effort and belonging, i.e. ‘we belong to the same company’ or ‘how can we work together?’’.

Chris recognized this internal issue, especially in companies operating across geographies, and said: “Even when employees are in the largest organizations, ask them to contribute… they are part of the solution to making it a success. Ensure ownership of it. We tried to ban the ‘they’ word in our process change in Nestlé and just moved to the ‘we’ word. And that went a long way.”


Change leadership

Finally, it was highlighted that the term ‘change management’ should actually be phrased as ‘change leadership’, given the industry’s acceleration of pace. Change leadership is the ability to teach the organization to be fearless with change and to embrace it as an opportunity to move forward. And change should be baked into the psyche of a company as the only thing that’s constant. Chris put forward that visible leadership is critical in this—leading change with a human face ensures a figurehead with a relatable vision.

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