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The Digital Brain: The Future of Planning and Decision-Making in Global Enterprises With Chakri Gottemukkala

Published: Reading time: 2 min
Caleb Masters Podcast Producer at o9 Solutions, Inc.
Caleb MastersPodcast Producer at o9 Solutions, Inc.
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Hear how giving enterprises a “digital brain” helps them make better, faster decisions.

From retailers to consumer brands, industrial manufacturers to suppliers, global companies with traditional operating models are under pressure to accelerate their digital transformation.

In this episode of Masters of Digital Transformation, Tony sits down with Chakri Gottemukkala, CEO and co-founder of o9 Solutions, to discuss a) what he’s hearing as digital transformation priorities from CXOs of global companies b) how the o9 platform is transforming Integrated Business Planning (IBP) capabilities into the “digital brain” of the enterprise c) advice for transformation-minded executives on how to make it happen faster.

Key Takeaways

  • Coffee to tires, toothbrushes to capital equipment: every global company is transforming its traditional operating models to be relevant in the digital age. Digital transformation of customer engagement, products, and end-to-end operations means more real-time data than ever before.
  • Chakri describes the o9 platform as the "digital brain" of the enterprise: Integrated business planning and decision-making capabilities transformed for the digital age.
  • The digital brain connects all the real-time data from the customer, market, and internal operations and creates real-time visibility to leading indicators and rich market and supply chain knowledge.
  • The digital brain uses this knowledge to transform and increase the accuracy of how a company forecasts demand, using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and analytics.
  • It transforms slow and siloed commercial and supply chain planning and decision-making faster and in a more integrated way than ever before, making it the core engine and value driver of digital transformation.
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Building a superior forecasting model with AI/ML

AI/ML-based forecasting models have become essential. Learn how to build the right planning solutions now.

About the author

Caleb Masters Podcast Producer at o9 Solutions, Inc.

Caleb Masters

Podcast Producer at o9 Solutions, Inc.

Caleb Masters is a content creator and strategist who leads thoughtful and insightful conversations for brands to educate, inspire, and entertain listeners and convert to bottom-line results through new media, including podcasts, webinars, and live-streamed videos. In his ten-plus years of experience as a content creator, he's led teams and served as on-air talent, where he's spoken with thought leaders across the supply chain, leadership, HR, HCM technology, and entertainment industries. He currently hosts and produces the o9 Solutions podcast, Masters of Digital Transformation.


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