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The 12 Top Highlights from aim10x live NYC 2023

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o9 Solutions The Digital Brain Platform
o9 SolutionsThe Digital Brain Platform
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The second stop on o9 Solutions’ global event series—aim10x live NYC—is a testament to boardrooms' increased focus on planning and decision-making.

Set against an iconic skyline, the second stop on the aim10x live global tour captured New York City’s vibrant energy, providing the ideal forum to bring business leaders together to exchange insights, challenge the status quo, and gain inspiration from Fortune 500 companies at the forefront of innovation in planning and decision-making.

Join us on a visual journey as we explore the most memorable moments from the event.

Attendees enjoying a cocktail at Bar Hugo Rooftop the night before the event.

aim10x live NYC kicked off on May 15th with a networking dinner at Bar Hugo Rooftop. The venue offered stunning views of the Hudson River, Freedom Tower, and Statue of Liberty.

The event location: Aspire at One World Observatory.

The event continued the following morning at Aspire, a stylish venue providing an unparalleled vantage point of New York City.

This stunning backdrop set the stage for attendees to engage in meaningful conversations and foster connections with their peers before delving into the event’s activities. The anticipation was palpable as over 100 attendees gathered to attend the event, including correspondents from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Inc. Magazine.

Attendees getting acquainted before the start of the event.

Brad Palm, event host and Vice President of Presales at o9 Solutions, set the stage by welcoming everyone to the event and encouraging them to connect with the event partners, Microsoft and Accenture.

He emphasized the event’s goal of disrupting the status quo of planning and decision-making, highlighting the transformative role of data in the digital age, and stressing the importance of turning data into actionable knowledge and knowledge into better, faster decisions.

Brad Palm, event host and Vice President of Presales at o9 Solutions.

The event continued with executive panels, including a discussion on the challenges of anticipating demand in the face of shifting consumer behavior.

Gregory Polcer, former Executive Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Estée Lauder, Adheer Bahulkar, Managing Director at Accenture, and Nikolas Coffrin, Global Lead of Consumer Products at o9 Solutions, shared innovative strategies and next-gen planning capabilities. Their insights provided valuable guidance for adapting to changing consumer preferences in an inflationary environment.

From the left, panelists Nikolas Coffrin (o9 Solutions) and Gregory Polcer (Estée Lauder).
From the left, moderator Jarod Polburn (o9 Solutions) and panelists Billie Chock (Blue Buffalo), Rhonda Vetere (Herbalife), and Bruce Mathews (Acuity Brands).

The event also featured a series of engaging workshops, including a thought-provoking session on artificial intelligence and the future of demand planning.

Attendees eagerly participated in a discussion centered around the challenges of planning and decision-making in an age of data abundance. Key takeaways focused on the importance of making sense of data at scale, reducing lead times for insights, and leveraging AI/ML technology to make better predictions. The workshop emphasized the power of combining human and artificial intelligence, ultimately empowering organizations and their people to achieve better results and enhance their competitive edge.

The day included four different workshops for attendees to choose from.

Continuing the momentum, the event featured engaging fireside chats sparking deep conversations among attendees. Former La-Z-Boy CSCO and COO Darrell Edwards shared invaluable insights into the impact of leadership on corporate culture.

Darrell emphasized the importance of assembling the right team to enable successful transformations while staying true to company values. He also shed light on the evolving outsourcing landscape and cost-driven planning, highlighting the need to adapt to a changing globalized economy. With disruptions on the horizon, Darrell underlined the critical role of data in enabling companies to make better decisions in a constrained environment.

A fireside chat with former La-Z-Boy CSCO and COO Darrell Edwards.

After the event, attendees explored the vibrant city and partook in hands-on cultural activities.

A sightseeing cruise took attendees on a journey around Manhattan while they sipped cocktails and enjoyed breathtaking views of the Big Apple aboard a 1920s-style yacht. An immersive art experience at ARTECHOUSE inspired attendees with Earth and space-inspired installations, allowing them to explore the intersection of art and technology.

Exploring the interactive installations at ARTECHOUSE.
Discovering Manhattan aboard a 1920s-style yacht.

At the close of the event, attendees gathered for dinner at Dear Irving on Hudson to solidify their newfound relationships. Brad Palm, the event host, raised a toast to all attendees, speakers, and partners, thanking them for joining and making the event possible. He encouraged participants to reflect on the insights gained and leverage them to drive transformational change.

Participants networking for one last time at the networking dinner.

Overall, aim10x live NYC offered a unique environment to explore the cutting edge of planning and decision-making, allowing attendees to learn, connect, and build meaningful relationships with other forward-thinking professionals.

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