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Creating Changemakers: How to Influence Culture for Successful Transformations With Gregory Polcer

Published: Reading time: 2 min
Caleb Masters Podcast Producer at o9 Solutions, Inc.
Caleb MastersPodcast Producer at o9 Solutions, Inc.

Gregory Polcer shares his experience shaping company culture through change management to achieve successful digital transformations.

According to Peter Drucker, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Executing a digital transformation strategy without the correct culture, employee buy-in and subsequent behavior is impossible. Related, a recent study from Gallup reported that just 23% of employees surveyed strongly agree that they can apply their organization's values to their work every day, and only 27% strongly agree that they believe in their organization's values.

Two questions can help organizations gauge their cultural readiness for digital transformation:

  • 1.

    Can your employees clearly articulate the “What it’s in it for me?” of the transformation?
  • 2.

    Are there changemakers or coaches at every level of the organization who are tapped into employee sentiment and can influence the organization?

In this episode of Masters of Digital Transformation, Gregory Polcer, former EVP and CSCO at Estée Lauder, weighs in the critical role of an organization’s culture and overall change management strategy in helping it meet its digital transformation goals.

Gregory joins host Caleb Masters to cover:

  • Why it’s important to gain employee buy-in and for employees to clearly understand the WIIFM (What’s in it for me?) before, during and even after a digital transformation.
  • The role early adopters, coaches and changemakers play in shaping the culture and perception of organizational shifts.
  • How to gauge employee sentiment and educate the workforce about the benefits of the new technology and processes related to your digital transformation. 
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About the author

Caleb Masters Podcast Producer at o9 Solutions, Inc.

Caleb Masters

Podcast Producer at o9 Solutions, Inc.

Caleb Masters is a content creator and strategist who leads thoughtful and insightful conversations for brands to educate, inspire, and entertain listeners and convert to bottom-line results through new media, including podcasts, webinars, and live-streamed videos. In his ten-plus years of experience as a content creator, he's led teams and served as on-air talent, where he's spoken with thought leaders across the supply chain, leadership, HR, HCM technology, and entertainment industries. He currently hosts and produces the o9 Solutions podcast, Masters of Digital Transformation.


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