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Creating a World-Class IBP Process With Chris Tyas

Published: Reading time: 2 min
Caleb Masters Podcast Producer at o9 Solutions, Inc.
Caleb MastersPodcast Producer at o9 Solutions, Inc.
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Chris Tyas, a former Senior Vice President of Supply Chain at Nestlé, discusses how to create a best-in-class IBP process.

In this episode of Masters of Digital Transformation, Tony Saldanha sits down with Chris Tyas, former Head of Global Supply Chain at Nestlé, and Stephan de Barse, EVP at o9 Solutions. They discuss how to create a best in class Integrated Business Planning process and address key opportunities such as: How to use real-time market data to spot demand risks and opportunities faster? How to create more accurate forecasts and make better decisions based on prescriptive analytics? How to do gap closure and real-time scenario planning in a smarter way?

Key Takeaways:

  • Turn Knowledge Into Insights: Looking at true marketplace drivers of demand, rather than historical data, will help with predicting what is going to happen in the future, as well as uncovering the root causes of business problems. For companies that sell through wholesale, it means they must start valuing sell-out data (what is sold to the end consumer or user) rather than sell-in data (what is sold to the retailer or wholesaler).
  • Numbers > Opinions: Using advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to turn data into insights will ensure monthly business planning meetings are fact-based and will drive quicker and more efficient decision-making.
  • Driving Adoption by Understanding the End-User: Organizations that are struggling with employee adoption of new tools or processes need to understand the goals of their different end-users and support them by providing data-driven recommendations to reach their goals.
  • Consumer Behavior During COVID: In this episode, Chris shares how consumer buying patterns along with supply constraints have dramatically changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic ($13 out of every $100 is now being spent online), how this has affected businesses, and what he has done to help regulate the grocery supply chain.  Now more than ever, it is important for organizations to be consumer driven so that they are able to keep up with fast-changing consumer buying patterns.
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Sustainable Supply Chains: Mapping the Path

Turn the tide toward resilience, efficiency, and a greener future

About the author

Caleb Masters Podcast Producer at o9 Solutions, Inc.

Caleb Masters

Podcast Producer at o9 Solutions, Inc.

Caleb Masters is a content creator and strategist who leads thoughtful and insightful conversations for brands to educate, inspire, and entertain listeners and convert to bottom-line results through new media, including podcasts, webinars, and live-streamed videos. In his ten-plus years of experience as a content creator, he's led teams and served as on-air talent, where he's spoken with thought leaders across the supply chain, leadership, HR, HCM technology, and entertainment industries. He currently hosts and produces the o9 Solutions podcast, Masters of Digital Transformation.


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