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o9 Values

Our values are the core of our inspired culture and drive the decisions we make.

The five values
at the core of o9

The five values
at the core of o9

Web client value

1. Client Value

Our no.1 priority — do what is right.
  • We focus on what drives real value for our client
  • We understand our client’s business as well as they do
  • We aim to delight our users and sponsors to make them advocates
  • We are proactive in fixing issues and transparent with clients
  • We build long-lasting and strategic relationships with every client
Web leadership

2. Leadership

Think like a CEO — make it happen.
  • Work around Initiatives, not by hierarchies
  • We take ownership of our initiatives and roles
  • We solve constraints proactively
  • We have a company first instinct
  • We give and receive constructive feedback across all levels of the organization
  • We are empathetic, trustworthy and ethical
  • We inspire and lead by example
  • We are knowledgeable of the domain, we lead
  • We play hard. We play without fear.
Web execution

3. Execution

Do the little things right — every day, every step.
  • We communicate decisions clearly and effectively
  • We take action quickly and decisively
  • We do post-games constantly to learn and improve
  • We take the extra step to impress and delight
  • We operate processes with a disciplined cadence
Web innovation

4. Innovation

Aim 10x in every process — improve every day.
  • We measure our processes and set high benchmarks
  • We try to see beyond the obvious
  • We share insights and knowledge proactively
  • We use systems to be faster, smarter, and more efficient
Web social impact

5. Social Impact

Be a force for positive change — contribute actively.
  • We strive to serve our communities with time and resources
  • We encourage sustainable practices that help our planet
  • We look to give opportunities to talented people that need a little help
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