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Sanjiv Sidhu

Sanjiv sidhu

“Organizations with superior decision making processes are better stewards of the earth’s precious resources, and are more inspiring, happier, places for employees. Making it happen is our mission”

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Sanjiv Sidhu, Chairman and Co-Founder of o9 Solutions

Sanjiv Sidhu is a co-founder and Chairman of o9 Solutions. As Chairman, he advises CXOs and boards of several global corporations to shape their digital transformation through modern data, analytics and planning platforms to drive increased agility and efficiency in decision-making across their enterprise and global supply chains. Sanjiv is also focused on helping o9 become a category-defining platform for accelerating digital transformation and value creation at a global scale.

Prior to o9, Sanjiv founded i2 Technologies in 1988. As CEO, he created one of the most successful supply chain planning software companies, bringing the field of supply chain management to the forefront of the business world.

Enterprise companies across a variety of industries, including retail and manufacturing, rely on the advanced planning systems, concurrent planning, and closed-loop planning and execution pioneered by Sanjiv. He is a renowned software entrepreneur often considered to be the father of modern advanced planning systems.

In addition to his role with o9, Sanjiv also mentors up-and-coming executives to become the next generation of change agents to lead the business world. He is also passionate about sustainability, investing in non-profit organizations, and transforming supply chain planning to use our Earth’s resources as efficiently as possible. 

Prior to starting i2 Technologies, Sanjiv was part of Texas Instruments’ AI lab. Sanjiv holds a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University.

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