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Umesh Arasu

Umesh arasu

Umesh Arasu is Chief Product Officer at o9 Solutions. He leads product management and marketing initiatives that leverage the o9 Digital Brain platform, that provide packaged model libraries that can help to bootstrap implementations and accelerate time to value. He also has been involved in roles involving platform conceptualization, strategy, design build, customer implementations, and product marketing.

Umesh Arasu, Chief Product Officer at o9 Solutions

Prior to o9, he held strategic and leadership roles at enterprise platform companies including i2 Technologies, Teradata, and MicroStrategy. Throughout his 25+ year career, he has built a strong track record of bringing innovative enterprise applications to market focused on integrated business planning and business intelligence. His research areas of focus include supply chain analytics, combinatorial optimization, data visualization, and network flow algorithms.

Umesh has a master’s degree in Industrial Manufacturing Systems Engineering and a Ph.D. in Operations Research, both from Kansas State University.

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