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Raghav Ranganathan

Raghav Ranganathan is Executive Vice President, Services at o9 Solutions. He is one of o9’s earliest employees and leads client engagements to focus on supply chain planning and visibility. In addition to contributing to process design, solution, and technical architecture, he has also taken leadership roles in product management and contributed to multiple patents.

Raghav Ranganathan, Executive Vice President, Services at o9 Solutions

Prior to his role at o9, he was a Senior Consultant and Delivery Manager at i2 Technologies. He has more than 10 years of experience in business process design and delivering results on various aspects of supply chain management for global companies across industry sectors. Key highlights of his experience include leading supply chain optimization programs, overseeing implementation of demand management processes, and deploying order fulfillment strategies for Fortune 500 companies across the world.

Raghav has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from RV College of Engineering in Bangalore, India and a master’s degree in Engineering Management from University of Texas, Austin.

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